The Maryland Judicial Insurance Plan

Berkley Insurance in coordination with Mason & Carter, Inc is pleased to provide a new insurance product offering for Maryland Judges. This defense cost only policy pays for the costs of defense, up to the stated policy limits, that are incurred by an enrolled judge to defend a complaint brought by the Commission on Judicial Disabilities.

Two coverage options are available as follows:

Annual Aggregate Limit$100,000
Limit of Liability Per Claim$100,000
Deductible: Per Member$0.00
Rate Per Member$1,100
MD Surplus Lines Tax (3%)$33
Total Premium Per Member$1,133

Annual Aggregate Limit$50,000
Limit of Liability Per Claim$50,000
Deductible: Per Member$0.00
Rate Per Member$550.00
MD Surplus Lines Tax (3%)$16.50
Total Premium Per Member$566.50


A County District Court judge shared her personal experience with a claim brought against her. She incurred significant out of pocket costs to defend the claim. She explained these are costs any Judge can expect to pay to defend a claim.

  • The estimated cost to file the initial Answer to the Complaint is $1,500 to $2,500.
  • It will cost an additional $20,000 to $30,000 to proceed through the Inquiry Board and the Commission, pre-trial.
  • If the Commission votes to sanction the Judge and the Judge seeks to fight the sanction recommendation, the hearing process before the Commission may cost a minimum of $45,000.00 to $55,000.00.
  • An appeal to the Court of Appeals may cost approximately $20,000.00.

Overall, defending a claim can potentially cost a Judge over $100,000 of their own money.

Then there are also possible tax implications of defending a claim:

  • Unless a Judge has $100,000 or more in liquid cash, he/she may have to sell their investments to raise the capital or obtain a loan.
  • Selling investments can create capital gains, which are taxable events.
  • The unfortunate timing of these sales during a bad market may result in missed opportunities to grow your investments on any upside of the market.

This is a great example of why every Judge needs The Maryland Judicial Insurance Plan.

Coverage and Carrier Features:

  • FULL PRIOR ACTS coverage is provided for unknown occurrences
  • Experienced Defense Counsel panel offered or option to select preapproved counsel
  • Extended Reporting Period (Tail) competitively priced offered for 1, 2, and 3 years terms
  • Extended Reporting Period (Tail) Premium Waived for Eligible Judges due to Disablement, Retirement or Death
  • Financial strength of Berkley is A.M. Best Rated A+ (Superior) XV and has been in business for over 50 years


A completed application and payment must be remitted through this site. You will be asked to complete the application and pay for whichever option you’d like as offered above. If additional underwriting information for approval is needed a representative from Mason & Carter will contact you.

Initial enrollment will be for the full annual premium amount of the selected coverage option.  Once the enrollment period ends on 5/31/2019, coverage will begin for all enrolled judges on an annual basis renewing every year. If the plan receives adequate enrolled judges before 5/31/2019, the insuring company may initiate the plan before the enrollment deadline.  Coverage starts for all judges on the plan start date and not when you initially enrolled during the enrollment period.

What happens if you sign up after the plan start date?  The plan renews on an annual basis.  For example, if the plan starts on 6/1/2019, the plan will renew for all judges in the plan on 6/1/2020.  All new enrolled judges start in the plan on the first day of the following month after completed applications and payments.  If a judge enrolls on 11/15/2019, the start date of coverage is 12/1/2019.  The premium amount is prorated from the start date to the next renewal date.  We will provide the prorated table on this site after the official plan start date.  At annual renewal, the new judge will pay for the next full year’s annual premium and not the prorated amount at enrollment.

Standard Terms and Conditions:

  1. Flat cancellations are not permitted.

  2. A completed application and payment must be received.

  3. All policies are subject to 25.00% minimum earned upon binding.
For illustrative purposes only and is not a contract. It is intended to provide a general overview of some of the coverages offered under the policy. Please remember that only the insurance policy can give actual terms, coverages, limits, conditions and exclusions. Coverages are subject to availability and qualifications. Other terms, conditions and exclusions may apply. 


In order to sign up for this program, you must pay for the full premium of your choice at the end of the application process.

Please do not start the application process unless you are ready to make the full payment of the premium on our online ePay portal.

You can pay on our online portal by credit card or ACH. There is a $3.00 charge for the electronic check (ACH) and a 3.25% charge for the credit card option.